Steel Welding

Learn how to weld in various positions, for the weld to look presentable and be up to certificate/x-ray standard. This course can be taken in MIG (GWAW), Stick (MWAW) and Flux Core.

This 12 x 2hr course is very popular and boasts a 100% post-course employment rate.

Course Price: $2,875.00 (incl GST)
Certificate.....AS/NZS 2980 or NZS ISO 9606.1 2017

What James MacMullen had to say:

“Many thanks to Auckland Welding School for brilliant teaching. I am a lecturer in Design and Engineering at the University of Portsmouth in the UK but a bit fresh under the gills so I signed up to this course as I thought that it would marry the theory and practical well; and it did (although you don't need prior theory to do the course, I just did). After doing the course I have much more insight into welding and love it to pieces, a boyhood goal fully realised. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to know about welding. It is difficult as many people know to find good teachers and people who are not just after your money and who have excellent skills at the subject. I highly recommend AWS and if I had my way I would live in the workshop; great job! It's only after going through the course do you get an understanding that other part time courses would be nowhere as effective as this course. for example the materials used are fresh and what you would expect in industry. You have an instructor on hand (which could be difficult for larger groups elsewhere). And when you think about down time getting ready for welding, this has to be the best course I researched. It's also wonderful to see how great Kiwi hospitality is! The reason I am writing such a long review is that I believe in AWS and would love to see more of these schools around the world to support the welder shortage. Whatever your level these are the guys to talk to. Brilliant!